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Energy Conservation Certification training is important for the HVAC Contractor and all professionals that work in the existing homes or new homes construction trades.  As government programs continue for helping builders and buiding codes change, the sub contractor can benefit if they are certified and can help their customers navigate the new code mandates and marketing program incentives. 

The below links to Bob at BULLSEYE  and Toney at AHERO will provide a valuable resource for becoming certified as:
  • Home Energy Raters
  • Home Energy Survey Professionals
  • Building Audit and Survey Professionals

If you are a licensed HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical or Insulation contractor you will want
to consider becoming Certified as a Home Energy Rater or a Home Energy Survey Professional.
A Fast Track training and certification program has been created to help licensed professionals
in the sub contracting trades.

Becoming certified as a Home Energy Rater and / or a Home Energy Survey Professional requires
participation in the Training and Certification Process as well as working with both a
Certified Training Provider and a Certified Rater Provider.

An Integrative Program has been created to make it easier for the Licensed Sub Contractor
to gain their certifications quickly and at a lower cost.  By taking advantage of your current
license and credentials you can become a Certified Home Energy Rater or Certified Home Energy
Survey Professional and participate in the Energy Star, Home Star and other EPA and DOE programs

As State and Local Codes are updated, your new HERS and HESP credentials will allow you to
work in the Energy Code Compliance portions that will be required under the new regulations and
code compliance mandates that will recognize the HERS and HESP certifications.

The Certified Training Organization and Rater Provider Organizations are listed below.
Please click on the "Bullseye Logo" and the "AHERO Logo" below for more information
on the training and certification programs.  All the details for the classes and certifications
are on thier web sites. 

Take advantage of the "FAST TRACK" to certification and get the Elite Software Promotions that
are included in the training and certification programs. 

Elite Software users have a special advantage towards profiting from advanced certifications.
Elite Software programs such as Rhvac and Drawing Board organize the data that is needed for
the various rating reports, and also link to other specialized rating software such as REM/Rate,
EnergyGauge, and EnergyPro. It is much easier for an Elite Software user to create energy reports
than it is for certified professionals who must start from scratch.

With Elite Software programs and tools included in the FAST TRACK training, as you become a
Certified Home Energy Rater or Home Energy Survey Professional you will be more competitive in
your market at selling high efficiency solutions to your Builders and End Users.

Please take a moment and visit the web sites of Bullseye and AHERO. Just click their Logo below and
you will find what you need to gain the training and certifications to help you in todays energy conservation
driven marketplace.

Thank you for taking time to review the below web sites. 

Please share your thoughts with me on these concepts via email to: Gary C. Lewis  or via my cell phone:  832-795-1003.




RESNET and BPI are the two most highly respected energy auditor/rater institutions in the nation. They require extensive pre-certification training and continuing education. Elite HVAC software is one of the most respected companies within the HVAC community. Many HERS Energy Star Raters use RemRate software for their Energy Star certifications - You can enter data into Elite  - get excellent HVAC calculations and Elite can be imported into RemRate or Energy Gauge. 

RESNET and BPI certification will enable you to perform Energy Star Certifications for new construction (a growing field which more cities are requiring) and will qualify you as a more knowledgeable energy auditor. With the probable passage of Home Star legislation (which requires a RESNET or BPI Certified Rater/Auditor) even more opportunities will exist.

If you are an HVAC contractor. an insulation contractor, a  home inspector, a remodeler or a new home builder this training will greatly enhance your energy knowledge and job opportunities.

Bullseye offers this training in cooperation with America's Home Energy Rating Organization (a Training and Rater Provider) and Best Green Energy Solutions (Elite Software Sales and Training)

CLICK the Bullseye Logo Above for Certification Programs

AHERO Provides Services to Independent Raters Only. 

All Certified Home Energy Raters and Home Energy Survey Professionals need the help of a Certified Provider.

AHERO is a Certified Provider that has created A Premier Comperhensive Rater-Auditor Combination Certifcation Program  to help the independent contractor and sub contractor achieve their HERS and HESP Certifications. 

Accredited rating providers have the responsibility of ensuring the quality of rating services.
Rating providers are responsible for administering rating programs.
These responsibilities include:

  • Certification of raters
  • Selection of accredited rating software programs
  • Rating quality assurance
  • Marketing of rating services

AHERO has the "HVAC FAST TRACK" program
for potential Home Energy Raters and
Home Energy Survey Professional Certifications.  
Click the AHERO LINK above and contact Toney to join the AHERO Team. 


RESNET has issued a Rater Seal of Quality and the RESNET Green Rater Seal to Best Green Energy Solutions, Inc.  Best Green Energy Solutions, Inc., has committed to RESNET that they will meet the high standards of ethics and quality.


Best Green Energy Solutions, Inc., supports and abides by the standards of RESNET.  All persons preforming Energy Rater related tasts while employeed by Best Green Energy Solutions, Inc., will complete and pass all required RESNET approved training related to new construction or existing homes.  All ratings will be done according to the standards set by RESNET.  RESNET is the National Standard that Best Green Energy Solutions, Inc., supports and follows.



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